Kukua is a non-profit organization with headquarters in Spain and a delegation and dedicated local team in Zanzibar, Tanzania.


We partner with disadvantaged communities to promote sustainable development and build a freer, safer, more equal society for all.


A world where each person has the tools, the knowledge and the voice to achieve a better and more sustainable future.

The story of KUKUA

Kukua was born in 2017 when our founders witnessed a local road accident on Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania. This was the first of several events that would bring home the life-threatening dangers faced by small children on their way to school and spur them into action.

In 2016, shortly after taking up a position as the director of an international school on the island, Jen Pro became increasingly aware of traffic accidents that were causing death after death on the busy roads where small children walked unaccompanied, with no adequate sidewalks or crosswalks.

That summer, Margarita García Alemany traveled to Zanzibar to visit Jen, the two united in their vocational dedication to the social change field. Together they witnessed a tragedy when a two-year old boy, walking in the middle of the road accompanied only by his four -year old sister, was the victim of another road accident.

Sadly, this was not an isolated anecdote. In Zanzibar and in Africa beyond, this is a danger faced every single day, where traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for children. Their vulnerability and the staggeringly high rate of needless death is what moved Marga and Jen to make a difference.

“How can such an everyday part of a child's life, like attending school, be a cause of death? We knew there had to be a way to stop this, and it was then and there that we decided to take action.”

After consulting the local community, who shared their concerns yet lacked the means to take on this challenge alone, kUKUA decided to set up a non-profit organization committed to saving lives through awareness, education and grassroots participation.

Kukua is now a committed team and network of alliances dedicated to keeping Zanzibar’s children safe.

Kukua means “to grow” in Swahilli. As our name suggests, we have widened our scope. The Zanzibar community has sought our partnership in other development issues, such as community participation for safe, inclusive and sustainable cities and towns, as well as safety and protection from violence for women and children.


Kukua is a non-profit organization with headquarters in Spain and a delegation and dedicated local team in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Kukua Project

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Kukua Project

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Code of Ethics

Our code of ethics is the basis of our work, to which everyone who works with Kukua must adhere, whether they are contracted staff, volunteers, or external consultants/advisors.

Kukua Project Safe Kids
Kukua Project Safe Kids
Any incident or breach of these principles of good treatment should be reported to: info@kukuaproject.org and the appropriate measures will be taken.


Transparency, good governance and accountability are guiding principles at Kukua. It is important to us that all those who contribute to our mission are fully aware of how our economic resources are used.

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