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In our mission for a safe, sustainable and equal society, Kukua takes a global, multidisciplinary and coordinated approach. We deploy a network of contacts and leverage alliances with government authorities, civil society and public and private institutions. This allows us to increase our capacity for action and coordinate steps towards making a greater impact on communities.

Kukua partners with local and international entities to develop safe, inclusive and sustainable cities for all, protecting children and at-risk populations from violence through comprehensive safety programs.

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Kukua can develop and implement a stakeholder engagement and consultation plan to assess social or gender impact and ensure a sustainable project that responds to the real needs of the local community.



Are you a private company or firm who understands what it means to make the world a better place? You can support projects aligned with your company’s values, or offer pro-bono professional services. Get in touch with Kukua to see how you can make an impact.


We work together with other non-profits, foundations, educational institutions and like-minded organizations. Only by joining forces can we take on these huge challenges effectively. Contact us to explore partnership opportunities.


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Kukua performed two major assignments for the Government of Zanzibar’s World Bank financed development projects. Kukua’s deliverables were impressive and diligently completed. KUKUA designed and implemented a Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) for our landmark BIG-Z project and was recognized as “best practice” within the World Bank. Kukua has contributed greatly to international development of safe and inclusive cities and communities. Their approach guarantees that communities participate in the decision-making process on issues such as sustainable mobility, accessibility and design of public spaces. Their ability to break down major project plans and complex development concepts into simpler illustrations and explanations to facilitate community understanding is remarkable.
Orton Kiishweko
Communications and Citizen Engagement Specialist. Government of Zanzibar
Kukua brings a new element to sustainable mobility through their people-centered approach. Their team successfully involves and engages communities, especially the most vulnerable: children. The Green Corridors Project has benefited from the competences of Kukua in developing a safe, accessible and inclusive mobility system in the center of the Zanzibar town. Part of the area of the project is the UNESCO World Heritage site. Kukua rigorously met project requirements and standards set by UNESCO and the World Bank.
DR. Muhammad Juma, Muhammad
Chief (ai) of Africa Unit at the World Heritage Centre, UNESCO - Former Director of Urban and Rural Panning, Zanzibar
Never before have we seen such a project that has impacted the safety of our children so.
Zanzibari Teacher attending 2017 Teacher Training course.

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