No child, in no country, under any circumstance, should live in fear of violence


Children worldwide live with the threat of sexual abuse, yet in some countries
the risk is greater than others. A girl in Sub-Saharan Africa is three times
more likely to suffer sexual abuse than a girl in Europe.

million children aged 2-4 are subject to frequent violent punishment at the hands of their caregivers
percent of children, each year, are victim to some form of violence worldwide
percent of children in Zanzibar have suffered physical abuse before their 18th birthday

We refuse to accept a status quo where abuse is tolerated!

“I asked Kukua to work in our schools in abuse prevention because I know first-hand the problem children are facing: physical abuse, sexual abuse and other. It is very common now in Zanzibar, a burning issue both in schools and madrassas (Islamic schools). The perpetrators are teachers, people in the community and family members. Not a week passes that I do not receive a report on abuse cases of very young children of pre-primary and primary age.

Children need education to know what abuse is, how to say no to abusers, and where they can go for support. Teachers need training on how to detect and help victims.
Kukua provides this education in our schools. I have worked very closely with Kukua and have seen them do excellent work to support the community and the children.”

Safia RijaaL

Director of Primary Education, Ministry of Education

Our work

As a response to the direct request by the Zanzibar Ministry of Education and concerns expressed to us by the community regarding the severe problem of child abuse, Kukua has designed the Safe Kids program that aims safeguard children’s rights and protect them from all forms of violence.

Studies reveal that the situation is severe in Zanzibar, where 65% of children have suffered physical violence from teachers and only one in ten children who have been sexually abused receive specialized care.

Safe Kids provides education, capacity building and awareness raising targeted at school communities and other stakeholders involved in protecting children from child abuse.

“Children do not feel safe at night because they are raped, so this makes us worried”


What we do

Professional Training for teachers for the prevention, detection and intervention of child abuse cases.

Education for school-age children through workshops adapted to age and local culture

Capacity building and awareness-raising for specialized state security forces

Coordination and capacity building for community leaders and local organizations

Participate in national coordination mechanisms for joint responses on victim prevention and protection

Advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns on child abuse

Support in the implementation of national child protection measures and abuse prevention

Research and case studies on child sexual abuse

Children deserve a life free from violence