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Education saves lives


Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for children and young adults. This epidemic strikes harder in low income countries, where road traffic fatalities are set to surpass deaths caused by Malaria or HIV.
Every 24 seconds, anywhere around the world, someone dies in a traffic accient
percent of the world's fatalities on the roads occur in low- and middle-income countries
A child in Sub-Saharan Africa is 2 times more likely to die in a road crash, than any other children


The Road Safety Epidemic in Zanzibar

The lack of basic infrastructure to keep pedestrians safe, with sidewalks, street signs and cross walks few and far between, together with the shortfall in traffic laws and their enforcement often lead to fatal traffic accidents.

Children risk their lives every day, traveling long distances on foot along high-speed roads, forced to dodge traffic just to reach their school.
Yet unlike other epidemics, we already have the cure.

Safe Walks Zanzibar aims to curb this growing crisis and protect the most vulnerable communities through education, capacity building, community outreach and advocacy.


“Zanzibar traffic police officers and Kukua collaboratively deliver practical classes in schools and train public transportation drivers and the community at-large to improve road safety. Kukua has a very big impact related to road safety. The knowledge given to the people of Zanzibar will be inherited by generations to come.

These successes are due to the outstanding teamwork between Zanzibar Traffic Police and Kukua.”

Robert Hussein

Former Head of Zanzibar Traffic Police (ZTO)

Our work

Kukua works to save lives and paint a brighter future for generations to come. We have designed and implemented Safe Walks, a comprehensive road safety education and awareness-raising program, leveraging evidence-based solutions and engaging expert local authorities and school communities.

We have tailored the program to meet the specific needs of Zanzibar and we build the capacity of teachers and communities so the life savings lessons can continue for years to come.

Safe Walks
Zanzibar beneficiaries

*When children learn at school, they are not only acquiring lifelong habits they will follow as adults; they are also sharing knowledge with siblings and parents, generating a multiplier effect.

During Kukua's recent child-centered participatory process, children in Stone Town voiced the need for safer ways to walk to school and help to cross the street

What we do

Data collection and studies on number of accidents, consequences, and locations of greatest risk

Education on road risks, providing children with the right road safety knowledge for responsible use

Capacity building for schools, with professional teacher training and driver training for public transport services

Workshops to raise awareness among drivers and cyclists on the consequences of risky road use behavior

Community awareness-raising, promoting active involvement in the search for local solutions to the road safety crisis

Advocacy for the improvement of traffic laws and infrastructure, collaborating with public and private figures on a local and global scale

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